Adventures in Pictures

For the last few years I've talked about learning how to take good, well descent photos. The idea being that it would be easier for me to sell written stories to the magazines I loved if I was also able to provide photos. The hope being that I could A: make a little more money... Continue Reading →

Recent Works and Skunkworks Projects

    I have new piece in the most recent issue of GritCX. The story, about Seattle local and former U23 US champ Zach McDonald. We covered a lot of ground in our hour and a half interview, done at Ventoux Roasters and Heart Coffee, a cycling themed joint not far from our respective homes.... Continue Reading →

A Constant Struggle

We were riding around Mercer Island when Mark asked me if “writing cleared my head?” I answered with a quick “No” and for the next twenty minutes I proceeded to burden him with my process, and the emotional knots I’m capable of twisting myself into while writing. I don’t think it was the answer he... Continue Reading →

Why So Quiet?

Enough time has passed since I last put anything here that I have no memory of what I wrote about. And truthfully, I can't really recall what I wrote about when I was posting here all the time. I know why I stopped, why there was--I guess it could be called this now--a hiatus, and... Continue Reading →

Poetry Yes. But not the “Bad” Kind

  Like a number of people I was up early watching Liege - Bastogne - Liege. I made two doubles of espresso during the (yes) boring neutralized portions. I had a brief dream of Sanchez winning when he attacked, because he’s a fun rider to watch, but I also let out a (a tame, because... Continue Reading →


Excuse the brief absence, but I was working on a bit of writing that will be showing up soon. In print. Yes I am still old enough to think that something like that matters. It was a different bit of writing for me, as it included actual journalism. Calling people, asking questions, learning what follow... Continue Reading →

Press Pass

In two weeks I am heading out on my first freelance assignment, a difficult one that will find me bike touring the Olympic Peninsula and stopping at various breweries along the way. Difficult, I know. My writing has appeared else where and I've even been paid for one of those stories. The problem is they are all... Continue Reading →

Threshold of Happiness

Its safe to say that I’m not happy right now. The cycle of moving every couple of weeks, not know where I’m going to be staying until the very last minute has me left feeling unsettled and unable to focus. It could be that, or it could be that the Lady and I now live... Continue Reading →

Commutes: Riding the Rails

There is a rhythm to the training week. Tuesday through Friday I ride to work, dodging potholes and the forever yearned for (and too often indulged) doughnut stop. Then, at the end of the day I, thread the side streets to my house at the opposite end of town. Sometimes there are intervals to do, and... Continue Reading →

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