There is a small dark stained  stepstool with a routed out handle that sits outside our bathroom door next to the three cubby holes where I keep my riding stuff. For the longest time it was covered with one black arm warmer and two booties that have laid dormant since the weather changed. This is... Continue Reading →


The race was coming apart at the front. There were about seven or eight of riders there, spread out along the course, going slow and just looking at each other. Each waiting for the other one to take over at the front. I had the sense that something was about to happen. Slate and I... Continue Reading →


The balloon was Josh’s idea. It was a birthday gift from the person to whom we were sending the balloon, but had gone unused for a time because one doesn’t often have an occasion to launch a weather balloon. At the service people were encouraged to write a note to Derreck which would be sent... Continue Reading →

At the Back

“What do you think you’re doing in the 1 2 3s?”I looked at Lori, somewhat shocked that someone I don’t know that well was confident enough to ask such a question of someone she doesn’t really know. Lori and I are teammates, and have ridden together a couple of times, raced together on Tuesdays a... Continue Reading →

Just Another Tuesday.

Tuesday night's races started the way every Tuesday night's race started. Me, slightly worried about my prospects for hanging on. Me, trying to rid in the middle of the pack and not the back. This is the usual run down. Twenty laps, same as last week when I managed to not only hit the front... Continue Reading →

Obey Your Master

There has been one silent character running through out all the stories and all the writing about riding and training. Sometimes he appears by name, other times I mention the things he tells me. But no matter the context he is always there. He is the Garmin Edge 500 mounted to my stem. Yes, there... Continue Reading →

Green Eyed Monster.

Nate has been doing well on Tuesday nights. I've been struggling. Getting yo-yoed at the back. Accelerating, then slowing, then speeding up again before falling off the back. Four weeks ago I was mad at Nate, as he made the podium for the month in 3/ 4 race. It was a goal I started the... Continue Reading →

Change in Attitude

The predictable happened last night. Well at least as I had predicted, though I had hopped for it to be different. Hope, as we know is not enough. So last night, while I earned to stay with the peloton in the brutal curvy head wind section I lost contact. I was slowed by the wind,... Continue Reading →

A Beautifully Hard Lesson

It's just after nine pm and I'm laid out on the floor of our kitchen like a boxer who's just been KO'd. The smell of ammonia wafts up from my unzipped jersey. My quads have a dull ache so deep down it feels like its in my bones. Even after a slow ride home at... Continue Reading →

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