Minor Failure

Cascade Bicycle Studios, which isn’t the shop I work at, but is the one I ride from once a week, puts together these great little projects that bring their community together to ride. This month the plan was to ride a tenth of the tour... If you pretended that the day’s distance wasn’t in Ks,... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Scott Simon

Mr. Simon, I know you are currently on Vacation, which started on Saturday, and as I gather will be a couple weeks in duration, but I was hoping I may disturb your R & R for a moment. I listen to your voice every Saturday morning before I head off to my job at Seattle... Continue Reading →

The Giro Tour Double

There was an interesting chat with Wiggins on cyclingnews.com today. At first read it sounds like Wiggins is defiantly going to try and and go for it (read the headline), but the when you watch the included video Wiggo is clear that Froome is the man for the tour and Sir Bradley is just hoping to squeeze... Continue Reading →

Steam Rolled: A TDF Wrap Up.

Congratulations to Wiggo! He crushed the time trials, his team strangled the peloton in the mountains and he gave Cavendish two brilliant lead outs. Wiggins has gotten a lot of (somewhat deserved) shit this year from the press, but he did the proper thing by setting up the World Champ so he could do what... Continue Reading →

Old School

Tacks! TACKS! I know this is yesterday's news but.... TACKS!!! Fucking Tacks! Nothing is so beautifully old school than throwing tacks on the road. This years edition of Le Tour has been short on drama, but now there's a mystery. Who put the tacks down? Why did they put the tacks down? Why did Pier... Continue Reading →

This Present Moment

The current Lance drama is like something gruesome. I don't want to look, but I can't help. I fight the urge to quick on any link pertaining to his current legal woes, before eventually giving in and clicking the link. It takes about two paragraphs before I realize my mistake, and lack of caring before... Continue Reading →

Le Tour, Le Tour

Cycling's biggest dog and pony show is upon us. I for one will never understand why the Tour is king, but that's neither here no there. These things are the way they are and I am not the one to fight them. Even so, the Tour has an amazing Giro to live up to and... Continue Reading →

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