Sorry for the recent lack of attention to these pages. Hope to be back in the swing of things next week. Till then please enjoy this:      

Racing Versus Winning

The season is well underway and Team SKY are picking up right where they left off. Steamrolling the Peloton at "tempo" pace. Amazing isn't the word I would use to describe what you see when they hit the front. Disturbing is a word some would use, but I don't find it to be that either.... Continue Reading →

Nibali’s Bite

Honestly, I was a bit bored watching Leige - Bastonge - Leige this morning. I was questioning why I woke up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning when, as if on cue, the fire works started. Nibali took a chance when he attacked on the Côte de la Roche aux Faucons. For a second it looked... Continue Reading →

Look Back.

Sunday I was wondering why I had woken up early to watch Amstel Gold. I was slightly bored, tired and sore from crashing the day before. I held out no hope for the breakaway, even if it was two neopros. As the race neared its end I was ready for the uphill group sprint, as... Continue Reading →

Bruyneel’s Luck

There was some ballyhooing about yesterday's Ronde being a boring. I say NONSENSE! We just had to wait a while for it to happen. A select three man group (might be a stretch with Ballan, but...) is pretty exciting. Did I miss the Muur? You bet, but I'm not sure the race would have turned... Continue Reading →

If I was PRO

We all dream of being PRO. To be PRO is to get paid, to get free bikes and kit and shoes and glasses. Plus whatever else it is they get. Most dream of being interviewed, or maybe get PEZed. We dream of being the only one in the picture, with our hands raised high above... Continue Reading →

Stoepid is My Kind of Stupid

I have had some truly insane ideas in my time. Like thinking I could solo Mt. Hood's Reid Headwall two days after my getting my first ice axes. That's the bad kind of stupid. But this thing that the folks at Stoemper Bikes put together is the right kind of stupid. Or what they're calling... Continue Reading →

Throw out the Rules.

1992 Milan - San Remo. The sky was overcast as Argentin attacked near the top of the Poggio. Where there is always an attack. By the time he crested the final rise and gone to the big ring Moreno had put 8 seconds into his pursuers. One of those pursuers was Sean Kelly. A great... Continue Reading →

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