Shop Time

I work at a bike shop. Well, not a real bike shop, but one of giant internet retailers that "are killing the small local shop". Except when it comes to those people who snag big deals on the net on gear they have no idea how to handle. Then those same people show up at... Continue Reading →

Cyclist v. Bike Rider

Truth: I am not a cyclist, but a guy who rides a bike. Well, a guy who races and rides bike. A cyclist is better at washing his machine, can true his own wheels and doesn’t get stressed out about replacing his brake pads. I do, but mostly because I’ve let them go so long... Continue Reading →

Throw for the Line.

I'm tucked in the draft of the pack. Not one person's wheel, but the whole pack. There are perhaps seven, maybe ten people behind me and another twelve or so in front and one on either side of me. Crossett sits a few spots up, while Nate is on front giving everyone hell. Both are... Continue Reading →


Morning is not my best time. Often I wonder the kitchen, bouncing between the cabinets which contain my morning sustenance. My head doesn't start to clear until around 7:00 am, which is when my commute starts. Sometimes its earlier, and if I decided to enjoy the warmth of my bed for just a bit longer,... Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of a Rant. (Not a Rant)

Damn its been hard to write lately. We've moved (I've moved a lot) and since I'm a bit slower at unpacking than I am packing, there is still some work that needs to be done.  Add to all of that the training and decompressing from the temp gig I just finished. A temp gig that... Continue Reading →

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