Keeping it Together

There were ten of us, which is about as big a group as I would want to ride in, and we had worked well together through NE Portland calling out “car left” or “clear”, though at one intersection a silver hybrid had appeared sudden and silent, but at such a slow speed that the ten... Continue Reading →

Let Go

Once again I am climbing Olympic View. Once, maybe twice a week I make the eye watering descent down main, throw the bike through a right hand turn and head up Olympic Drive, which then pitches up and changes name to Olympic View. I haven’t seen the Olympic Mountains, at least not from this road... Continue Reading →

Top of NW Rockcreek

The fog we had been riding in for the last two hours had finally lifted, or maybe we’d just fully adjusted to it and it was no longer worth mentioning. There were four of us, whittled down from a starting group of seven; Myself, Justin, Joemestiuqe and Eric who neither of us knew, but was... Continue Reading →

Un-missed Opportunities

I had missed the team ride by fifteen minutes and they had left without me. I couldn't’ blame them, as I would have left without me too. We have a five minute rule, which is already kind of generous and I was well in error of the rule and was rightfully left alone. At the... Continue Reading →

Light Unto _____

I am standing in front of a group of people km all of whom are interested in being a part of our small team. I am not what I would consider a capable public speaker. I have a hard time looking people in the eye when engaged in one on one conversation. My voice quivers... Continue Reading →

At Season’s End

We have done three races in as many days. Right now we are in the opening minutes of the fourth race in three day, a forty-five minute crit. The Eugene Celebration is the last road race of the season here in Oregon. Earlier in the week I complained about how short the road season is... Continue Reading →

Drop Back

Three of us are heading up Kitzmiller Rd after we took a left from Eagle Fern park. There were four of us, but Tym was doing that thing that skinny guys do when the road tilts up. Ride away from the guys who weigh more than the they do. We had been out the better... Continue Reading →

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