SKY’s Stacked Deck

I woke up at six am on Sunday morning to watch La Primavera only to find that the race had been neutralized because of snow. “Not the white fluffy stuff” Twitter told me, but the thick wet slushy stuff. The type that I used to ride in as a Cleveland bike messenger during Great Lake... Continue Reading →

Racing Versus Winning

The season is well underway and Team SKY are picking up right where they left off. Steamrolling the Peloton at "tempo" pace. Amazing isn't the word I would use to describe what you see when they hit the front. Disturbing is a word some would use, but I don't find it to be that either.... Continue Reading →

This Present Moment

The current Lance drama is like something gruesome. I don't want to look, but I can't help. I fight the urge to quick on any link pertaining to his current legal woes, before eventually giving in and clicking the link. It takes about two paragraphs before I realize my mistake, and lack of caring before... Continue Reading →

Train! I Don’t Need No Stinking Train.

These will be harder now that I can't actually watch the stage, as the finishes take place during my commute. However that's what videos and slacking off at work are for. Moving on. Cavendish took the stage today, just barely nipping his arch rival Andre Greipel at the line. Lotto Belisol was the only team... Continue Reading →

Being Fabs

Cancellara did the right, if not unexpected thing by attacking in the final K of today's stage. Normally, the wearing of the Golden Fleece does their best to stay out of trouble, hang in and finish with the group so in order to maintain the jersey. It's rare that you see that same person take... Continue Reading →


I watched the last half of the Prologue  coverage on NBC -- Versus -- Uniwhatever this morning. Watching TTs are boring, except for when they show someone charging toward the line with their mouths wide open and their eyes gone cross. What I really wanted to see, what I was putting off breakfast for, was... Continue Reading →

Wiggins’ Mental Fortitude

Wiggins is on fine form heading into Le Tour. Like Cadel the year before Wiggins has won the Tour de Romandie. He ruffled some feathers when he won the stage one bunch sprint. From 400 meters out! But it was yesterday where he held it together and showed that he's the man to watch in... Continue Reading →

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