More Hero Shit

Yesterday I talked about Andy Schleck taking control and showing us "some real hero shit". I neglected to mention another hero from stage 18, that was Cadel Evan's ride. When he dropped the hammer to save his tour, not caring that he was dragging along most of his main competitors. That's how you reach up... Continue Reading →

Some Hero Shit.

A while back, during the Tour of California in fact, I posted a open letter to Mr. Andy Schleck. Who I might add (though I should have to.) is currently sitting pretty with a yellow shirt on and holding a stuffed Lion. Though it's improbable that Mr. Schleck read my letter,  I like to think that when... Continue Reading →

Getting it Done.

That picture you see above is of Tyler Farrar taking a much deserved and well earned victory in today's stage four. Farrar took the stage with the help of perfectly executed lead out train populated by the likes of David Millar, and World Champion, who is currently wearing the yellow jersey. For me (and this... Continue Reading →

69,307 FT.

Rapha is at it again. No, I'm talking about their habit of charging ridiculously high prices for their packs and bags, but with another contest which will bring suffering to all those who fancy riding up hills. Over the winter it was the Festive 500. The contest at which I failed miserably. Now its the Rapha Rising. The... Continue Reading →

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