The Stoke.

This will come as a surprise to some of you (it did to me) but there is more to bikes than just racing them. Crazy right? In fact, if I think about it long enough I can come up with more fun times had on a bike when I wasn't racing, or preparing to race … Continue reading The Stoke.


I have to cram my right hand behind my back pack to get into my jersey pocket to turn up the volume on my phone. The guy next to me at the light above SE Bybee and SE 17th, revs the engine of his blue Porche Carrera. I’m trying to drown him out. I’m trying … Continue reading Escapes

NW Newberry

The schedule called for a forty-five minute recovery ride, but my mental state dictated something a bit heavier. My fitness was no longer where I wanted it to be and yesterday's race was a testament to that. It was time to rest up, and get ready for another round of hard training. I just had … Continue reading NW Newberry


I have mixed feelings about these late morning weekday rides. The good side: I'm out when there are fewer people on the road. The bad: If I'm out for a ride at 10 am then I'm not working and that makes things more difficult. Today is supposed to be the only nice day this week, … Continue reading Cudgel