Mental toughness and progress.

There were a lot of things that I was going to write about, but I've decided to keep away from some arguments. One was a discussion started on Scott Semple's amazing blog. It has been continued over at Blake Herrington's blog. The discussion revolves around climbing sponsorship, spray, and really the state of climbing media. I was going to jump in, but I'm just going to let it go. For sure I have some views on this topic, but I don't know enough so I'm going to stay out of it.

Ready and inspired.

I'm rested and recovered from last nights work out.  I've been lazing about all morning.  I just had my PB&J with fennel seeds along with four sweetened mango slices from Trader Joe's .  I'm heading out in a spot to run some errands then meet up with Chris for our weekly Dirty Butte session.  I... Continue Reading →

Some work…

12-September-09 Warm up: 10 minutes traversing working on technique. 3' hip in 3'Straight arms 3' Silent feet Training: V3 Boulder pyramid Comments.  Got rocked on this one.  Couldn't pull V3!  I know know what I need to work on this winter. 13-September-09 7 mile easy hike with Signe.  Romona Falls 14-September-09 Circuit/Cardio Warm up: 2'... Continue Reading →

7-September-09 Cardio/Circuit workout

Cardio 40 min run sub 140 heart rate through OES neighborhood. Circuit Training: Warm up: 3x 90" ab bridge/10 situps with 35lbs/10 get up ball slams with 12 lbs ball Training: 4x 3' rest between rounds 10 push ups 15 kb swings #35 Leg Blaster 5 Pull ups Cool down: 5' on Airdyne at sub... Continue Reading →

Goal Setting

Over a year and a half ago now I got really into training.   I lost about 20 pounds, was fitter than when I was in High School and climbing harder and with more confidence than I ever had.  Then last January I nearly sliced my index finger off and along with that went my drive. ... Continue Reading →

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