Scattered Thoughts

I missed Monday’s post because I’ve been working on some freelance stuff but I wanted to drop a few quick words here. These things have rattling around in my head a bit. They might become a full blow post at some point. - Road season is truly here! -Monday I had my eyes checked. The... Continue Reading →

Tradition Minded

The two sporting passions of my adult life have been cycling and alpine climbing. Both pursuits, at their respective times, were the thing I centered my life around. Their rich histories deepened my love of the sport and the pursuit of those ideals have enriched my life. Both are also sports that some feel are... Continue Reading →

Wanting all the Things

Signe and I just moved up out of the suburbs and down into Seattle’s city limits. A move that shortens her car commute to … well I don’t know but it can’t be more than ten miles because Seattle isn’t all that big. For me, if I find the right route and don’t get too... Continue Reading →

What are Bike Shops For ?

I'm in the process of looking for work, a way out of the shop where I'm at now. That could give you the impression that I dislike, or even hate my job. This isn't true. I love selling bikes. I love selling them to people who know their shit. I love selling them to people... Continue Reading →

Stoke Returned

A young couple had been in the Friday before to test some low-end road bikes a co-worker had transferred up from our Seattle store the weekend before. They had spent some time looking at the bikes before taking them out to the parking lot for a test I ride. She was too afraid to take... Continue Reading →

Discount Culture

In a post last Wednesday I hinted at the idea that I feel amateur teams aren't deserving of free money, or maybe even the supposed exchange of business name on the jersey for a discount. This is a set up shops have had with "sponsored" teams since for a long time, but last week I... Continue Reading →

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