I took my glasses off while I was waiting for Barry. At ten after seven am it is still dark and still cold enough that I have my next gator pulled over my mouth and nose. Portions of each breath escape out the gaps in the top and fog my glasses. The fix is easy. … Continue reading Blurry

It has Become

One Saturday I watch a patch of towering cumulus clouds slide across an early spring blue sky. I knew Rebecca was racing the men’s 4/5 field in the race my former team was putting on. I had sent her a text with some encouraging words and spent the rest of my morning thinking about her racing, wondering … Continue reading It has Become


I step out into the cold, or what has come to pass for cold after six years of mild winters. It instantly reminds me what cold days were like in Cleveland. The way the hairs in my nose would freeze together instantly, only to be released with the next exhale. How it would take six … Continue reading Winter


Save for my very first road race, which was in Cleveland (done with an incredible hang over), I have never raced any other than Oregon. In the OBRA bubble as it were. And with Signe living in Seattle a visit seemed like a good time for a bike race to sample the local flavor. Starcrossed … Continue reading Starcrossed