Having a Moment.

We are house sitting this summer, and one of our duties is to walk Abby,  the twelve year old dog that comes with the house. She's old, and the walks are short, and most often undertaken by my wife, but on the nights I take her out I've been putting my headphones on and spending... Continue Reading →

Committing to a Different Course

For the entire time I've been writing I have mostly relied on emotion to carry my written thoughts. It worked, and I got pretty good a leveraging big emotions. I never thought to try another way until I ran into some serious road blocks while trying to write a piece for Bicycling.

Just Like We Did Last Week

The ride wasn’t a fun one. Someone said so much as we parked our bikes along the fire truck that lives inside the patio at Milstead. “When life is hard the rides should be easy” he said. The ride however was a hard one. Three morning hours, most of it in the rain, out north... Continue Reading →


I took my glasses off while I was waiting for Barry. At ten after seven am it is still dark and still cold enough that I have my next gator pulled over my mouth and nose. Portions of each breath escape out the gaps in the top and fog my glasses. The fix is easy.... Continue Reading →

Twenty Blocks

Our apartment is behind a locked gate and a tall brown stained fence that keeps the street away from the four units along the gravel path that makes up our little complex. That gate swings open and one of our neighbors returns from her run. She is so dedicated to this daily practice that -... Continue Reading →

Alone, or Maybe Not

An email had gone from the those of us who give the Thursday ride direction, saying that they would not be there to give it direction. It was requested that the three of us, or one of the three of us give the needed direction. Ed and Barry responded saying that they couldn't make it.... Continue Reading →

Day of Roubaix

Living a few suburbs north of Seattle without a car or any in city cycling connections presents difficulties when it comes to riding with other people. Oddly enough there aren't a ton of group rides happening in this city of 620k. The owners of my shop refuse to support a weekend group ride, could be... Continue Reading →

It has Become

One Saturday I watch a patch of towering cumulus clouds slide across an early spring blue sky. I knew Rebecca was racing the men’s 4/5 field in the race my former team was putting on. I had sent her a text with some encouraging words and spent the rest of my morning thinking about her racing, wondering... Continue Reading →

Yellow Jacket

At first I reach for the button behind the lever, before remembering that I’m on a different bike and that I need to do this with my thumb. Justin and I have an hour before he has to open the shop, I’m only in town for a day so this is our only chance to... Continue Reading →

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