Into a Headwind

The garbage truck had passed us and then gotten caught at the light three times now. We were in South Everett, on one of those roads that seems like it would run straight forever, with long spans of greyed blacktop between the lights. The type of road that is never fun, but always seems to... Continue Reading →

Not Seeking Absolution

It was a short day and I was working from home. The sun was out and the chance of rain was low, a seemingly rare occurrence in the one of the wettest springs on record. The Boss told me to get out and enjoy the sun but I was already ten miles out by the... Continue Reading →

That Was Fun

We arranged the ride by texts throughout the day. The others willing to wait till my work for the day was done and when they showed both Bob and Kelly came with bare legs. It was the first not just sunny, but warm day. I was in knickers, a wind jacket and only a short... Continue Reading →

What Counts

Three Tree Point is a small patch of beach, no more than ten feet across covered in stones with only a bush for foliage, behind a row of concrete barriers like you would see in a construction zone. We went beyond the barriers and looked out at Puget Sound for a moment and commented on... Continue Reading →

Not in Bad Faith

I rode the last 800 meters with my helmet strapped to my stem. There is a doughnut shop that far from my front gate. If I take the long way. Before leaving the house I told myself that I could have one of these fried circles of dough - this one stuffed with cream -... Continue Reading →

Something Different

I once owned a fast car. It was purchased after the Ford Aerostar XL I had been driving caught a hard shudder in its front end. The car, a souped up Honda Accord, had an engine that growled and elicited excitement. I wasn’t the one who tuned it. It came that way. I was never... Continue Reading →

Little Loop

I’m riding against a string of bike headlights in the short hour before dawn. Commuters are heading south along Seattle’s Burke - Gilman trail. I’m moving in the opposite direction. Riding a little loop before work. With each pass I move my left hand from the hoods and place it over my headlight enough to... Continue Reading →

Needed for the Cultivation of Flahute

The rain started light at first, more of a mist than a rain. Soft enough that one didn’t quite need a rain jacket yet. We all had them on though, it’s just easier that way. It was Cascade Bicycle Studio’s first Saturday ride of the year, returning after a long break during the cross season.... Continue Reading →


I took my glasses off while I was waiting for Barry. At ten after seven am it is still dark and still cold enough that I have my next gator pulled over my mouth and nose. Portions of each breath escape out the gaps in the top and fog my glasses. The fix is easy.... Continue Reading →

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