A Cat

I was stalling, trying to take my time because I just wanted to be alone. I managed to get through work without having to say too much, be too social, just kind of be there and do the job. It was pretty easy to do this when I had a "real" job, the one with... Continue Reading →

Tests of Fitness.

I took my time leaving work. This morning I changed a flat, and in my rush (as always) I put a twist in the tube, which happened to be a good excuse for taking my time. Today wasn't particularly a bad day, quite good in fact. A new position at work distracted me from the... Continue Reading →

Start of the Slow Season.

The Twin Peaks loop is easy. It's short, carries two easy climbs, ones that can easily be hammered in less than six minutes if the rider is willing. And that's when it's ridden as a loop. No loop for me today, so it should be really easy. It may sound like I'm slamming this ride.... Continue Reading →


Right now I'm sitting at our table in my sweets with a cup of decaf.  I was supposed to meet a climbing partner at the gym, but I managed to destroy myself over the last two days.  I learned a valuable lesson yesterday as I sat on the bus with my head down and my... Continue Reading →

Ready and inspired.

I'm rested and recovered from last nights work out.  I've been lazing about all morning.  I just had my PB&J with fennel seeds along with four sweetened mango slices from Trader Joe's .  I'm heading out in a spot to run some errands then meet up with Chris for our weekly Dirty Butte session.  I... Continue Reading →

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