Cost of Adventure

The gravel is deep and loose in the corners and switchbacks. The dirt is firm between those sections, but littered with large half buried rocks. I had expected gravel, it was the reason I’d ridden out east, after a week at work spent memorizing the map. Maybe a month ago we had gone hiking up … Continue reading Cost of Adventure

Measures of Form

Signe and her Mom were watching Dancing with the Stars, so I retired - with my tired legs - to our room. Signe’s laptop in my hand. With my legs up I watched the Greatest Show on Earth which involved stars from a different era and a different continent, and while they are dancing with … Continue reading Measures of Form

Otto Miller

Justin was having one of those magic leg days. He’d raced the day before and just missed out on the top 10. Today he was absolutely flying. He showed us that when he’d lit the pace on NW Newberry. Joe and I didn’t even try, we just let him go. He had been sitting for … Continue reading Otto Miller