Fundamentals, not Virtuosity

We were closing up the shop by sitting at sitting at the small table and finishing our beers before taking out the trash when a family rode up to the door. The Mom and Dad were on sensible hybrids, in their summer clothes. Their Son, who I pegged at about fourteen was in the kit... Continue Reading →

Just Like We Did Last Week

The ride wasn’t a fun one. Someone said so much as we parked our bikes along the fire truck that lives inside the patio at Milstead. “When life is hard the rides should be easy” he said. The ride however was a hard one. Three morning hours, most of it in the rain, out north... Continue Reading →

Desperately Seeking Middle Ground

I was in Portland this last weekend for the first time in (what feels like) a while. Since December I think. On the drive down I realized that I hadn’t ridden in town alone since I moved away over a year ago, and I made plans to out for a solo outing. Friday wasn’t going... Continue Reading →

Becoming Native

I spent the first months of my time in Seattle riding alone. In that time I struggled to navigate numbered streets crossing numbered avenues and often chose the shortest known route to work while exploring the easier to navigate roads of Olympic Peninsula on my weekends, always with only a set of headphones and the... Continue Reading →

Turning Back on Itself.

At 44th W I take the zig-zags that drops from the interurban footbridge down to the street, and roll the sidewalk toward the light and my only hope of crossing before heading south toward home. It’s easier to do it this way here, where commuter traffic is always heavy and pedestrian traffic is always light.... Continue Reading →

Cost of Adventure

The gravel is deep and loose in the corners and switchbacks. The dirt is firm between those sections, but littered with large half buried rocks. I had expected gravel, it was the reason I’d ridden out east, after a week at work spent memorizing the map. Maybe a month ago we had gone hiking up... Continue Reading →

Measures of Form

Signe and her Mom were watching Dancing with the Stars, so I retired - with my tired legs - to our room. Signe’s laptop in my hand. With my legs up I watched the Greatest Show on Earth which involved stars from a different era and a different continent, and while they are dancing with... Continue Reading →

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