On Not Suffering

Suffering was very en vogue when I first got back into cycling. Which fit me well since it was an aspect of what I’d been experiencing as I played at being someone who climbed mountains. These days however, the S word isn't bandied about as much as it once was. You hear it on a... Continue Reading →

Change of Tone

I’m a bit shammed to admit that I didn’t catch it until a friend pointed it out a few weeks ago, but there’s been a change of tone in these pages. Of course there are still some of those over wrought posts where I perhaps dwell too much on the past and how maybe riding... Continue Reading →

Who am I and Where the Hell am I?

*After complaining a couple weeks ago, I decided to shut up about and make the effort to keep a written training record. Here's Wednesday.  Wednesday           Roller Workout: 10' warm up, 10': 45" fast cadence 15" all out cadence 12-Feb-14              2' rest, 5' easy spinning,... Continue Reading →

Spectation and Participation

I've been watching a few of last season's cross races lately. I have a few of them saved on my tablet, but its easy to find whole races, not just the highlights, on youtube. In years past I did the same for road racing, but that stopped when I fully accepted that I wasn't going... Continue Reading →

Happy Not Racing

When I was in Portland, I told Ray-Ray that I was happy not racing, that I was finding something by not taking part in the rushing sound of being in a sea of wheels and noisy freehubs and the heat that comes off not just the one person next to you, but the pack of... Continue Reading →

Good Show Boys, Mighty Good Show.

Every Monday (or so) I used to write about the previous weekend's races or races. I haven't done that in a mighty long while, and have kind of adopted it as a policy. Truth is I don't have any insider knowledge of bike racing, no kind of tactical know how (to have raced with me is to... Continue Reading →

Racing Versus Winning

The season is well underway and Team SKY are picking up right where they left off. Steamrolling the Peloton at "tempo" pace. Amazing isn't the word I would use to describe what you see when they hit the front. Disturbing is a word some would use, but I don't find it to be that either.... Continue Reading →


I step out into the cold, or what has come to pass for cold after six years of mild winters. It instantly reminds me what cold days were like in Cleveland. The way the hairs in my nose would freeze together instantly, only to be released with the next exhale. How it would take six... Continue Reading →

Best Laid Plans

Amateur cross racing is over this part of world. Well there is the USGP this weekend, and one more cross race, but as far as I'm concerned its over. Which means a time for a little break and a chance to work on correcting some of the imbalances of being on bike for hours on... Continue Reading →

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