On Not Suffering

Suffering was very en vogue when I first got back into cycling. Which fit me well since it was an aspect of what I’d been experiencing as I played at being someone who climbed mountains. These days however, the S word isn't bandied about as much as it once was. You hear it on a … Continue reading On Not Suffering

Change of Tone

I’m a bit shammed to admit that I didn’t catch it until a friend pointed it out a few weeks ago, but there’s been a change of tone in these pages. Of course there are still some of those over wrought posts where I perhaps dwell too much on the past and how maybe riding … Continue reading Change of Tone


I step out into the cold, or what has come to pass for cold after six years of mild winters. It instantly reminds me what cold days were like in Cleveland. The way the hairs in my nose would freeze together instantly, only to be released with the next exhale. How it would take six … Continue reading Winter

Facing it.

A cycling Author (who will remain nameless), who is nice enough to endure my questions from time to time once told me that pain can be illuminating. It was something I knew before he wrote those words. That notion is really the foundation for this very blog.  My knowledge of that fact doesn't exclude me … Continue reading Facing it.