The Vanities

A week ago I was out on our first really warm day. I hadn’t ridden on the Olympic Peninsula for close to a year and I wanted to take advantage of being able to ride with uncovered legs for the first time since ‘cross season ended. The sun was warm and the roads were as... Continue Reading →


Bike builds hardly go the way I expect them too. There is always one thing that doesn’t work, or something that is missing and needed, which sends me to some parts bin, digging for something that will work. Somehow it was different this time. The only hitch was that we got a later start than... Continue Reading →

Dream Bikes (Fragmented Remembrance)

Herzog and I were talking about our cross seasons. Mine had ended a few weeks prior when I’d put fenders on my bike, signaling that I was done for the season. John doesn’t put fenders on until cross season his season is done, and he wasn’t riding with fenders yesterday. As conversations about these go... Continue Reading →

Costs v. Worth

Its well known that the cost of a product is not equal to its worth. But if you need proof, one need look no further than the bike ads on craigslist. It is there where one can often find shit bikes, or formerly good, but due to “product development”, now antiquated bikes all being sold... Continue Reading →

Too Early for Summer Plans?

It’s only October and there is still a long winter to get through, but I’ve found that as I get older time seems to move faster and when I remind myself of that simple phenomena I don’t feel so bad dreaming about days of summer riding, and how amazing they’ll be after a winter of... Continue Reading →

The Sale Price of Love

Two years ago, over a dinner that included salmon, wine, and pies baked in mason jars, it was agreed that a Portland frame builder would build me a bike. The builder, who can't market works for a major - and fetishized - component manufacturer located in the Rose City.  A week later measurements were taken... Continue Reading →

Where to from Here.

I haven't set a major goal for myself in close to a year. Exactly the point where I laid out the plan for last road season. Then, as one would expect, a majority of those goals were centered around the early road season here in Portland. I dutifully wrote them out and posted them where... Continue Reading →

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