Always Push Harder

Almost a year ago I quit climbing, sold all my cams, stoppers, ropes shoes and every other piece of climbing paraphernalia. Thaet money went to buy a bike, a woefully inadequate bike for what I intended to use it for, but it did the trick. At the time I felt that climbing had taken me as... Continue Reading →

On Feeling

A few weeks ago my Uncle told me: "You know what your problem is?" "This thing!" He replied holding up my Garmin unit that had been sitting on the table in front between us. "You're paying too much attention to this thing and not enough to how you're actually feeling. " I countered with something... Continue Reading →

The Line.

You can't teach a young artist anything; all you can do is open the door and show him the tight rope. Jean Cocteau 1889-1963 I happened upon this quote while reading through Clive James brilliant Cultural Amnesia. For the purposes of this post we'll ignore that fact that Cocteau buddied up with the Nazis when they... Continue Reading →

That Feeling.

For most of the last seven weeks my life has taken on rhythm. At this point its become so ingrained that I can almost keep time to it.  It's been nice, but work would be nicer. Still its good to have time to get the thoughts out on paper. Yesterday I stared a project I've... Continue Reading →

Busting the Weak Links.

After a week off, and some thinking I'm feeling reinvigorated and I'm ready to get out there and hurt, with the hopes of crushing during my next peak of the season. In order to do that I need to start targeting the weak links in my training/life. In the end I think that my life... Continue Reading →

But I’m not PRO… (part 2)

Last Wednesday's post was a bit cheap and bit late, but I think the subject matter needs a some depth to it. For those of you who may have forgotten here's the blurb from the Wiggins book ...-If you put individuals on a pedestal you are saying that you can't emulate them and you are... Continue Reading →

Refilling the tank

That was a rough couple of days. I've been cheating and not using my lunch breaks for my personal writing. Nor have I been reading all that much lately, which is sad. Heartbreaking actually. I'm waiting for some super nerdy (I mean totally amazing) bike magazines. Magazines doesn't quiet describe what they are more like... Continue Reading →

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