Staying the Course.

I’ve never been good at articulating my goals. It’s a self-doubt problem, but I don’t think it sets me apart from most other people. It does set me apart from the people I admire and whose ethic I try to take and apply to myself. I start of strong, with an idea of what I... Continue Reading →

Who am I and Where the Hell am I?

*After complaining a couple weeks ago, I decided to shut up about and make the effort to keep a written training record. Here's Wednesday.  Wednesday           Roller Workout: 10' warm up, 10': 45" fast cadence 15" all out cadence 12-Feb-14              2' rest, 5' easy spinning,... Continue Reading →

Dream Bikes (Fragmented Remembrance)

Herzog and I were talking about our cross seasons. Mine had ended a few weeks prior when I’d put fenders on my bike, signaling that I was done for the season. John doesn’t put fenders on until cross season his season is done, and he wasn’t riding with fenders yesterday. As conversations about these go... Continue Reading →

Starting to Dive In.

My riding, what I want to do with it and what excites me has changed a bit over the last year. I’ve always been interested in ultra-endurance, with Logan to Jackson being the first event to pop up on my radar. A year later I was exposed to Randonneuring by my friend Theo. I was... Continue Reading →

Handle Bar Bag

For years I rode with a huge bag slung over one shoulder, and being able to slip out for a ride without something on my back was a rare treat. Now, going on four years of long base rides I’ve come to hate having something strapped to my back, pushing me into the hoods and... Continue Reading →

Other People’s Adventures.

I never do things in the order the "should be done". The first mountain I climbed was the Hood, via the South Side. The route was the right route, though I've done hikes that were harder, but the manner in which I did it was not. Which is why my first solo attempt failed (though... Continue Reading →

Resting, or Trying to at Least.

Last week I talked about wanting to go fast and light (Its call Randonneuring by the way), on my bike tour. I did go reasonably fast, for me I guess, but I certainly could have gone lighter. I had planned to make the trip a four days, but after I got over being nervous and scared I... Continue Reading →

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