Change of Tone

I’m a bit shammed to admit that I didn’t catch it until a friend pointed it out a few weeks ago, but there’s been a change of tone in these pages. Of course there are still some of those over wrought posts where I perhaps dwell too much on the past and how maybe riding … Continue reading Change of Tone

Parts Per Rider

There were some racers on the Thursday ride this week, at least I thought them as much based on their looks, or it could have been that the two of them were talking about local teams and getting other fast guys from California. I don’t know the scene here, which is the source of ignorance … Continue reading Parts Per Rider

Making it Work

I’m not very budget minded. This fact is probably my biggest fault, well the one that holds me back the most, there is that matter of being overly judgmental, but the ways that affects my life is a bit harder to gauge, but I digress. A side effect to this lack of budget mindfulness is … Continue reading Making it Work