Bets Off

A few weeks ago I wowed a group of medical professionals with my supposedly low resting heart rate but yesterday as I got ready to toe the line for my first race in nine months that slow metronomic pulse was nowhere to be found. At 120 bpm it was beating close to three times faster... Continue Reading →

Dope Got You Down?

Don't worry! Actual racing starts soon! Like next week! The Tour Down Unders gets started January 20th/19th (international dateline). Soon, we can drop all the silly season bullshit and try to move on from retired racers who have a hard time accepting their time in the lime light is over. That's not to say people... Continue Reading →

At the Back

“What do you think you’re doing in the 1 2 3s?”I looked at Lori, somewhat shocked that someone I don’t know that well was confident enough to ask such a question of someone she doesn’t really know. Lori and I are teammates, and have ridden together a couple of times, raced together on Tuesdays a... Continue Reading →

Just Another Tuesday.

Tuesday night's races started the way every Tuesday night's race started. Me, slightly worried about my prospects for hanging on. Me, trying to rid in the middle of the pack and not the back. This is the usual run down. Twenty laps, same as last week when I managed to not only hit the front... Continue Reading →

Change in Attitude

The predictable happened last night. Well at least as I had predicted, though I had hopped for it to be different. Hope, as we know is not enough. So last night, while I earned to stay with the peloton in the brutal curvy head wind section I lost contact. I was slowed by the wind,... Continue Reading →

Scardy Cat 3

I mistimed my upgrade from the lowly category 4s to the slightly less lowly 3s. One would hope to upgrade to a stiffer level of competition when they are feeling fresh and strong. I upgraded after I accepted that it was time for a bit of rest. Tonight I jump back into the fray at... Continue Reading →

Throw for the Line.

I'm tucked in the draft of the pack. Not one person's wheel, but the whole pack. There are perhaps seven, maybe ten people behind me and another twelve or so in front and one on either side of me. Crossett sits a few spots up, while Nate is on front giving everyone hell. Both are... Continue Reading →

Off the Front

Two laps in and I was already hurting. I made a sporting go of it on the first hot lap and found myself in a short lived break that went clear at the start of the lap. Not the best place to start make a go of it, but after a week of taking the... Continue Reading →

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