Stickers and Badges

  My first years of college were spent as a music major. As such I had to attend ear training classes that didn’t just involve hearing a pitch, in relations to others, and getting it down on a page. I could handle that. What I couldn’t do however was sing those notes back. Maybe it... Continue Reading →

Racing Versus Winning

The season is well underway and Team SKY are picking up right where they left off. Steamrolling the Peloton at "tempo" pace. Amazing isn't the word I would use to describe what you see when they hit the front. Disturbing is a word some would use, but I don't find it to be that either.... Continue Reading →

Dope Got You Down?

Don't worry! Actual racing starts soon! Like next week! The Tour Down Unders gets started January 20th/19th (international dateline). Soon, we can drop all the silly season bullshit and try to move on from retired racers who have a hard time accepting their time in the lime light is over. That's not to say people... Continue Reading →

Missing Out

We are in the midst of what is typically referred to as the "Silly Season". A time of year where riders announce their transfers and speculations are laid to rest with countless stories about this rider going here, that rider moving into a leadership role at such and such team for an undisclosed amount of... Continue Reading →

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?

We've all heard the news by now so this is a bit late to the game. But we will have this going on for awhile, just like all things Lance. My twitter feed blew up when the news dropped that Armstrong would no longer fight the charges brought against him by the USADA. What I... Continue Reading →

Vaughters Dope

True to form here I am a day late and a few words short, but I'd like to talk about Vaughter's NYT opinion piece in which he came clean about his worst kept secret. That is his doping past. He has hinted at this before, but it wasn't until Sunday's piece (which, thanks to the... Continue Reading →

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