"Come here, I want to show you something" John walks me over to a bookshelf and pulls one of his kid's books off of the self. He flips through the pages until he finds what he's looking for. "Here see this? That's what you are." John is pointing at a picture of a pig. "You're … Continue reading

Rituals part 3

Left shoe first. Click, click, click down the strap and stretch neoprene over and around the back. Pull the velcro tight then pat. Right shoe second. Click, click, click, stretch and pull tight. Pat Clickclickclickclickclick of the freewheel rolling out the door then nothing. Both wheels spinning unencumbered by friction of rubber on blacktop Right foot, … Continue reading Rituals part 3


I've been putting off writing, so much so that I've been sitting here for a close to five minutes amazed at the fact that my ear lobes are two different sizes. I declared my findings to the lady. Her response was " Is that what your blog is about?". Point taken. Here is today's post … Continue reading Company.

Refilling the tank

That was a rough couple of days. I've been cheating and not using my lunch breaks for my personal writing. Nor have I been reading all that much lately, which is sad. Heartbreaking actually. I'm waiting for some super nerdy (I mean totally amazing) bike magazines. Magazines doesn't quiet describe what they are more like … Continue reading Refilling the tank

All The Rage.

Sorry for the absence. I haven't been making time to write in my notebook, hence no blog posts. I've gone back and forth about posting the below story. I post it here because I needed to write something. It does not put me in the best light, but it was part of who I was at … Continue reading All The Rage.