Bike builds hardly go the way I expect them too. There is always one thing that doesn’t work, or something that is missing and needed, which sends me to some parts bin, digging for something that will work. Somehow it was different this time. The only hitch was that we got a later start than … Continue reading Gregario

Otto Miller

Justin was having one of those magic leg days. He’d raced the day before and just missed out on the top 10. Today he was absolutely flying. He showed us that when he’d lit the pace on NW Newberry. Joe and I didn’t even try, we just let him go. He had been sitting for … Continue reading Otto Miller


I step out into the cold, or what has come to pass for cold after six years of mild winters. It instantly reminds me what cold days were like in Cleveland. The way the hairs in my nose would freeze together instantly, only to be released with the next exhale. How it would take six … Continue reading Winter

Red Blinky

I left Justin's shop late after meeting building a bike and meeting with Tym and Joe about what we are going to do about the team for next season. I'd eaten too much vegan food from the place around the corner, which I balanced out by shoving as many little mars, snickers and three musketeers … Continue reading Red Blinky


It has been some time since I was really training. Since July, when I stopped riding with a computer in fact. I didn't plan on having a 'cross goal to work towards. Actually I had originally planned on starting my base miles soon. Cross was just going to be a way for me to keep … Continue reading Grounding.