What’s Been Lost

It had been a long time since I’d been down to Portland, and maybe even longer since I’d ridden with Tym. Two years ago it was every Saturday and Sunday. Tym, a smidge taller and about two stone lighter. Always first to the top of the long climbs. He’s a Cat2 now and rides for... Continue Reading →

Bobby Dreams of Tubulars

My friend owns a shop in Portland. Its a good shop, a place where people hang out, the staff fix bikes, shoot the shit and they build some great wheels. The shop mostly caters to the commuter set, and the bikes that line the floor are mostly of that style or what could be called... Continue Reading →

Desperately Seeking Middle Ground

I was in Portland this last weekend for the first time in (what feels like) a while. Since December I think. On the drive down I realized that I hadn’t ridden in town alone since I moved away over a year ago, and I made plans to out for a solo outing. Friday wasn’t going... Continue Reading →


Bike builds hardly go the way I expect them too. There is always one thing that doesn’t work, or something that is missing and needed, which sends me to some parts bin, digging for something that will work. Somehow it was different this time. The only hitch was that we got a later start than... Continue Reading →

Keeping it Together

There were ten of us, which is about as big a group as I would want to ride in, and we had worked well together through NE Portland calling out “car left” or “clear”, though at one intersection a silver hybrid had appeared sudden and silent, but at such a slow speed that the ten... Continue Reading →

Otto Miller

Justin was having one of those magic leg days. He’d raced the day before and just missed out on the top 10. Today he was absolutely flying. He showed us that when he’d lit the pace on NW Newberry. Joe and I didn’t even try, we just let him go. He had been sitting for... Continue Reading →

Un-missed Opportunities

I had missed the team ride by fifteen minutes and they had left without me. I couldn't’ blame them, as I would have left without me too. We have a five minute rule, which is already kind of generous and I was well in error of the rule and was rightfully left alone. At the... Continue Reading →

Last Portland Rides: Crown Point

A handful of us meet at one of the many coffee shops that spot the landscape of this town where coffee, beer and being strange and different for the sake of being strange and different, reign supreme. I hadn’t expected this to be a big group ride, but a small selection of people who I... Continue Reading →

Winter Rigs.

I didn't get a cross bike to race. I got one because I wanted a bike with little gears and room for fat tires so I could ride the West Hills when they are at their best. When no one is up there -- meaning the winter. Conventional wisdom says you should avoid hills during... Continue Reading →

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