It has Become

One Saturday I watch a patch of towering cumulus clouds slide across an early spring blue sky. I knew Rebecca was racing the men’s 4/5 field in the race my former team was putting on. I had sent her a text with some encouraging words and spent the rest of my morning thinking about her racing, wondering... Continue Reading →

Little Light

Justin and I marked our parting not with a fist bump, or a handshake, but something closer a clasp. Not long enough to be considered holding hands, but more than a friendly shake. Once again he offered me his lights, and once again I refused them. From this point the route home is majority bike... Continue Reading →


The balloon was Josh’s idea. It was a birthday gift from the person to whom we were sending the balloon, but had gone unused for a time because one doesn’t often have an occasion to launch a weather balloon. At the service people were encouraged to write a note to Derreck which would be sent... Continue Reading →

Just Another Tuesday.

Tuesday night's races started the way every Tuesday night's race started. Me, slightly worried about my prospects for hanging on. Me, trying to rid in the middle of the pack and not the back. This is the usual run down. Twenty laps, same as last week when I managed to not only hit the front... Continue Reading →

Change in Attitude

The predictable happened last night. Well at least as I had predicted, though I had hopped for it to be different. Hope, as we know is not enough. So last night, while I earned to stay with the peloton in the brutal curvy head wind section I lost contact. I was slowed by the wind,... Continue Reading →

A Beautifully Hard Lesson

It's just after nine pm and I'm laid out on the floor of our kitchen like a boxer who's just been KO'd. The smell of ammonia wafts up from my unzipped jersey. My quads have a dull ache so deep down it feels like its in my bones. Even after a slow ride home at... Continue Reading →

Scardy Cat 3

I mistimed my upgrade from the lowly category 4s to the slightly less lowly 3s. One would hope to upgrade to a stiffer level of competition when they are feeling fresh and strong. I upgraded after I accepted that it was time for a bit of rest. Tonight I jump back into the fray at... Continue Reading →

Throw for the Line.

I'm tucked in the draft of the pack. Not one person's wheel, but the whole pack. There are perhaps seven, maybe ten people behind me and another twelve or so in front and one on either side of me. Crossett sits a few spots up, while Nate is on front giving everyone hell. Both are... Continue Reading →

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