It has Become

One Saturday I watch a patch of towering cumulus clouds slide across an early spring blue sky. I knew Rebecca was racing the men’s 4/5 field in the race my former team was putting on. I had sent her a text with some encouraging words and spent the rest of my morning thinking about her racing, wondering … Continue reading It has Become

Little Light

Justin and I marked our parting not with a fist bump, or a handshake, but something closer a clasp. Not long enough to be considered holding hands, but more than a friendly shake. Once again he offered me his lights, and once again I refused them. From this point the route home is majority bike … Continue reading Little Light


The balloon was Josh’s idea. It was a birthday gift from the person to whom we were sending the balloon, but had gone unused for a time because one doesn’t often have an occasion to launch a weather balloon. At the service people were encouraged to write a note to Derreck which would be sent … Continue reading Balloon

Scardy Cat 3

I mistimed my upgrade from the lowly category 4s to the slightly less lowly 3s. One would hope to upgrade to a stiffer level of competition when they are feeling fresh and strong. I upgraded after I accepted that it was time for a bit of rest. Tonight I jump back into the fray at … Continue reading Scardy Cat 3