Last Portland Rides: Crown Point

A handful of us meet at one of the many coffee shops that spot the landscape of this town where coffee, beer and being strange and different for the sake of being strange and different, reign supreme. I hadn’t expected this to be a big group ride, but a small selection of people who I... Continue Reading →

Winter Rigs.

I didn't get a cross bike to race. I got one because I wanted a bike with little gears and room for fat tires so I could ride the West Hills when they are at their best. When no one is up there -- meaning the winter. Conventional wisdom says you should avoid hills during... Continue Reading →

Just for the Sake

I had considered racing for Justin, because that is what one does. Or at least that’s what movies and books tell us we should do. That the best way to honor the memory of those who have passed is to do what they would have done and do it well. Truth is, I’m not fast... Continue Reading →

Remembered Fragments.

I can hear the faint buzzing of my single speed freewheel over the music in my headphones. Always thinking it is the sound of air escaping from my rear wheel. For some reason I always hear it as a whisssssss.. and not a bzzzzzzz. I can still hear the clicking of gears over the rasp... Continue Reading →

First World Problems

I had resigned myself to riding alone, which is fine, but I was a little disappointed in my inability to rouse my co-workers enough to get them out for a ride. I shouldn't have been surprised. It was an unseasonably warm and more importantly - dry - day. However those factors often aren't enough to... Continue Reading →

The Cold

The cold is something to be endured. There is no way around it. You can dress in warmer layers, throw on a pair of tights and still there is nothing left to do but endure. The right clothes make it tolerable, but never fun. Maybe its because I don't currently own a trainer. Maybe its... Continue Reading →

Fear of the Dead

Out my front door and over one of the most dangerous bridges in the country puts me on the west side of the river. From there I hang a right, taking me around and underneath the bridge I just crossed. There's a stop light here, but at this hour the street is clear so I... Continue Reading →

Training in the Rain.

Rain is a fact of life here in Portland. If you aren't willing to get out there and get wet your either going to be super weak when race season comes around, or your going to drive yourself and any of your house mates crazy by spinning to no where. Personally I'm closer to the... Continue Reading →

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