Sorry for the recent lack of attention to these pages. Hope to be back in the swing of things next week. Till then please enjoy this:      

The Soul of a Bike

By now you know that Specialized has thrown their massive legal weight into a fight for the soul of one of the company’s flagship models, the Roubaix. You know the bike that has won a race, that goes over the ancient cobblestone roads between the the French cities of Paris and Roubaix. So what exactly... Continue Reading →

It Breaks Your Heart

USA Cycling has taken a lot of hits this year, with all that Lance shit. Earlier in the year there was lots of talk about people opting out of getting licenses this year as a form of protest. Then there was the (needed) hoopla over what races PROs could actually take part in without having to use... Continue Reading →

Day of Roubaix

Living a few suburbs north of Seattle without a car or any in city cycling connections presents difficulties when it comes to riding with other people. Oddly enough there aren't a ton of group rides happening in this city of 620k. The owners of my shop refuse to support a weekend group ride, could be... Continue Reading →

Cobble Monster

Four wins. Four giant cobblestone trophies. AMAZING I woke just in time to watch the last hour of Tom's ride through the Hell. It didn't look like he was sweating the hell part. The first words I uttered yesterday morning were "Oh god", which brought the Reverend Hill her living room to see what event... Continue Reading →

Form Defined

Never mind the bad music, just take in the perfect form. Moser. Paris - Roubaix, World Champ Stripes. PRO

Rough Patch

The Giro is wrapping up this week, and what should be a celebration of the sport, is ending up as just another ring in a circus. It seems that the PRO ranks have hit a bit of rough spot, and while April is the supposed to be the ,cruelest month, May is turning out to... Continue Reading →

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