Four years ago this month I lost the job I found my way into when I first moved to Portland. I was interning at a backpack company and looking to start my own thing. That was only kind of working out, and it was suggested that I take a trip, that I needed to go... Continue Reading →

Press Pass

In two weeks I am heading out on my first freelance assignment, a difficult one that will find me bike touring the Olympic Peninsula and stopping at various breweries along the way. Difficult, I know. My writing has appeared else where and I've even been paid for one of those stories. The problem is they are all... Continue Reading →

Measures of Form

Signe and her Mom were watching Dancing with the Stars, so I retired - with my tired legs - to our room. Signe’s laptop in my hand. With my legs up I watched the Greatest Show on Earth which involved stars from a different era and a different continent, and while they are dancing with... Continue Reading →

Dead Dog

I stared at the mostly decayed remains of what appeared to have been a dog for close to two minutes. Though it could have been thirty-seconds, its always hard to tell when one is not only faced with the mortality of all things, but is also lost in thought. The skeleton had, for the most... Continue Reading →

Bikes, Art, Fun and Flats.

Bikes, Art, Fun is what the sign said, but to me it read salvation. For the last six or seven miles my wheel had been thumping. I was slowly making my way toward Port Townsend where I hoped to fill up on espresso and pastries. That was until my rear tire failed, and before I... Continue Reading →


Jenn and I were driving East on I-90 on a sunny September evening. Large cumulous clouds collect and pile high on the horizon. At the time I am obsessed with mountains, though I’d never been to a range that stacked high like the clouds in front of us. We weren't talking, just listening to whatever... Continue Reading →

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