Wagered Expectations

I wasn't going to race cyclo-cross this year. I was so burned out at the end of last cross season that I couldn't get really excited to start road training. In hindsight I know that burned out feeling was really me being wiped out physically and emotionally as I left Portland and came north to... Continue Reading →

Stage Managed Circus.

Cycling's twitter pundits (meaning pretty much anyone who comments on cycling in 140 characters) were in a tizzy this weekend when a rumor, let me say that again a RUMOR, surfaced claiming Lance was "weighting a confession." Rumor also had it that Armstrong was talking with USADA officials with the hopes that he may at some... Continue Reading →

Best Laid Plans

Amateur cross racing is over this part of world. Well there is the USGP this weekend, and one more cross race, but as far as I'm concerned its over. Which means a time for a little break and a chance to work on correcting some of the imbalances of being on bike for hours on... Continue Reading →

Facing it (pt2) RIP Justin Drawbert.

An hour or two after posting Monday's blog I received word that a teammate of mine took his own life. He didn't race much, and didn't attend many of the team rides, mostly for budgetary reasons. We went on one ride together, around this time a year ago. We talked for a bit, mostly about... Continue Reading →


Save for my very first road race, which was in Cleveland (done with an incredible hang over), I have never raced any other than Oregon. In the OBRA bubble as it were. And with Signe living in Seattle a visit seemed like a good time for a bike race to sample the local flavor. Starcrossed... Continue Reading →

At Season’s End

We have done three races in as many days. Right now we are in the opening minutes of the fourth race in three day, a forty-five minute crit. The Eugene Celebration is the last road race of the season here in Oregon. Earlier in the week I complained about how short the road season is... Continue Reading →


The race was coming apart at the front. There were about seven or eight of riders there, spread out along the course, going slow and just looking at each other. Each waiting for the other one to take over at the front. I had the sense that something was about to happen. Slate and I... Continue Reading →


The balloon was Josh’s idea. It was a birthday gift from the person to whom we were sending the balloon, but had gone unused for a time because one doesn’t often have an occasion to launch a weather balloon. At the service people were encouraged to write a note to Derreck which would be sent... Continue Reading →

At the Back

“What do you think you’re doing in the 1 2 3s?”I looked at Lori, somewhat shocked that someone I don’t know that well was confident enough to ask such a question of someone she doesn’t really know. Lori and I are teammates, and have ridden together a couple of times, raced together on Tuesdays a... Continue Reading →

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