Not Seeking Absolution

It was a short day and I was working from home. The sun was out and the chance of rain was low, a seemingly rare occurrence in the one of the wettest springs on record. The Boss told me to get out and enjoy the sun but I was already ten miles out by the... Continue Reading →

Change of Tone

I’m a bit shammed to admit that I didn’t catch it until a friend pointed it out a few weeks ago, but there’s been a change of tone in these pages. Of course there are still some of those over wrought posts where I perhaps dwell too much on the past and how maybe riding... Continue Reading →

Not in Bad Faith

I rode the last 800 meters with my helmet strapped to my stem. There is a doughnut shop that far from my front gate. If I take the long way. Before leaving the house I told myself that I could have one of these fried circles of dough - this one stuffed with cream -... Continue Reading →

Happy Not Racing

When I was in Portland, I told Ray-Ray that I was happy not racing, that I was finding something by not taking part in the rushing sound of being in a sea of wheels and noisy freehubs and the heat that comes off not just the one person next to you, but the pack of... Continue Reading →

Otto Miller

Justin was having one of those magic leg days. He’d raced the day before and just missed out on the top 10. Today he was absolutely flying. He showed us that when he’d lit the pace on NW Newberry. Joe and I didn’t even try, we just let him go. He had been sitting for... Continue Reading →

Ride Toward the Light

I wheeled out from the driveway of the condo complex and instead of making the soft right at Five Corners I made the hard left and went South on SW 84th. I took 220th SW to SW 9th and headed to the start of my usual pre work loop. Today I feel like training, though... Continue Reading →

Dead Dog

I stared at the mostly decayed remains of what appeared to have been a dog for close to two minutes. Though it could have been thirty-seconds, its always hard to tell when one is not only faced with the mortality of all things, but is also lost in thought. The skeleton had, for the most... Continue Reading →

125 pt 1.

,  Mile 94.2: I can't tell if I'm about to crack or if this is just a phase I'm going through. I heard once that if you're feeling bad you should try to push through it because it could pass. For the past 94 miles I've managed to do more than hold it together. I've... Continue Reading →

Larch Mountain.

“I’m always tired after riding to work”  Lindsey say before laughing and telling me “My ride to work is probably nothing to you?”“I rode forty miles this morning” I respond.“ Don’t you ever get tired!” She countered. “Yes, I’m beat. I could lay down and go to sleep right now.” With the exception of a... Continue Reading →

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