You Get Used to It.

Steam rises from my mouth when I exhale, then evaporates into the dark morning. It's early, but not early enough for what I'd initially planned. Which is fine, because my heart rate was a little high when I woke up, which is a good sign to back off a bit. The last two weeks have... Continue Reading →

Slow Season pt II

Normally there is a rush to get dressed and roll out of work. There's a hussle for the bathrooms and the small room that we've dubbed "the locker room". Once everyone is ready the warehouse staff roll out in a small pack. All of us live in the SE quadrant of Portland and we ride... Continue Reading →

Start of the Slow Season.

The Twin Peaks loop is easy. It's short, carries two easy climbs, ones that can easily be hammered in less than six minutes if the rider is willing. And that's when it's ridden as a loop. No loop for me today, so it should be really easy. It may sound like I'm slamming this ride.... Continue Reading →

  Author note: I started this post Sunday evening while on the Amtrak Cascades line. It was my hope to finish it when I got home But that didn't happen. Right now I'm too tired and lazy to do any more editing. Thanks -- Bob   Don't let the lack of Racing School posts fool... Continue Reading →

Racing School: Mt. Tabor Series #5

19 of 38 We're coming to the end of the Tabor Series. This is one of favorite races. The course is fun, and varied, unlike other circuit races I've done and though I haven't ever finished well, it is the first time I've won some thing while racing. But now that my priorities have change I'm not picking... Continue Reading →

Racing School: Mt. Tabor Circuit Race

For those of you who showed up yesterday hoping for the latest installment of Racing School and instead found my open letter to Andy Schleck, I am sorry to have left you wanting. Here is this week's installment. Mt Tabor Circuit Race 7th of .... 17 Not a great result huh? Top ten yes, but... Continue Reading →

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