To Train Alone.

Monday I talked about (sorta) training with a group. Buried in that post was a link to photo from the Gym Jones twitter feed. The quote found there contains some wisdom not only about athletic pursuits, but about life (though we'll save those thoughts for another time), and more important to this conversation, the advantages … Continue reading To Train Alone.

When it Starts.

Until recently the channel formerly known as Versus was home to most American cycling coverage. I say until recently because they've just changed their name to NBC Sports and they have dropped a new ad featuring perennial Tour favorite Christian Vande Velde. I'm not concerned about whether this is good, bad or just kinda so-so for American … Continue reading When it Starts.

The Cold

The cold is something to be endured. There is no way around it. You can dress in warmer layers, throw on a pair of tights and still there is nothing left to do but endure. The right clothes make it tolerable, but never fun. Maybe its because I don't currently own a trainer. Maybe its … Continue reading The Cold

NW Newberry

The schedule called for a forty-five minute recovery ride, but my mental state dictated something a bit heavier. My fitness was no longer where I wanted it to be and yesterday's race was a testament to that. It was time to rest up, and get ready for another round of hard training. I just had … Continue reading NW Newberry