I didn't plan to make it this far in to 'cross season. The original fame was supposed to rigged with 28c tires full fenders and a compact crank. Michael Barry style. The plan was to do a few of the Blind Dates and then start my base miles. Now I'm at the end of a … Continue reading Trust.

Between Worlds

I started what I would call actual training four years ago when I was still climbing. Until that point I had been showing up to the climbing gym, or the crag three days a week with marginal improvements. Most of my problem was mental but in April of 2008 I realized I was holding myself … Continue reading Between Worlds


I went against Joe's advice and picked rollers over a trainer. Joe is definetly a better racer, possibly smarter, and probably certainly a better human being. The thrust of Joe's advice was that I should stay away from rollers because I didn't want to fall off after being rendered stupid after an interval. Falling off … Continue reading Rollers

To Train Alone.

Monday I talked about (sorta) training with a group. Buried in that post was a link to photo from the Gym Jones twitter feed. The quote found there contains some wisdom not only about athletic pursuits, but about life (though we'll save those thoughts for another time), and more important to this conversation, the advantages … Continue reading To Train Alone.

The Cold

The cold is something to be endured. There is no way around it. You can dress in warmer layers, throw on a pair of tights and still there is nothing left to do but endure. The right clothes make it tolerable, but never fun. Maybe its because I don't currently own a trainer. Maybe its … Continue reading The Cold