The Cold

The cold is something to be endured. There is no way around it. You can dress in warmer layers, throw on a pair of tights and still there is nothing left to do but endure. The right clothes make it tolerable, but never fun. Maybe its because I don't currently own a trainer. Maybe its … Continue reading The Cold

Mental Espresso

Last week I picked up Arno Ilgner's "Espresso Lessons", which distills the ideas in his first book, "The Rock Warrior's Way", into the concentrated version he uses to teach his clinics.  For those who don't know, The Rock Warrior's Way is a book on mental training for climbers.  Pitched together by Ilgner based on ideas … Continue reading Mental Espresso

Soloing and Risk. (Part 2)

I wanted to jump on this before yet another person found it and told me to read, only to end the conversation with "That could be you, you never know what can happen". The rant\ heart felt feelings below come via The Climbing Narc. You should read the post, then read Max Zolotukhin post on his accident, then I would suggest reading Jamie Emerson's post on the subject, as always with blogs, be sure to read the comments section. Knowing the content of the above posts and comments is important to understanding the content below.

Goal Setting

Over a year and a half ago now I got really into training.   I lost about 20 pounds, was fitter than when I was in High School and climbing harder and with more confidence than I ever had.  Then last January I nearly sliced my index finger off and along with that went my drive.  … Continue reading Goal Setting