Preparing for the Work.

A week, maybe two ago I wrote about the type of riding I was planning on doing this summer. I have a goal, though I’ve moved to the goal post a bit and changed the event I was going to do. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of the Seattle to Spokane... Continue Reading →

Fight Gone Out.

A lot of pixels have been misaligned here talking about racing, The PRO’s, my own insignificant racing - back when I first started riding again and thought that my suffering was worth reporting, and the fact that I haven’t been racing this year. This is probably going to be another one of those posts. For... Continue Reading →


I have to cram my right hand behind my back pack to get into my jersey pocket to turn up the volume on my phone. The guy next to me at the light above SE Bybee and SE 17th, revs the engine of his blue Porche Carrera. I’m trying to drown him out. I’m trying... Continue Reading →

Everyday Demonism

"Do you have a demon? You gotta have a demon if you want to race." Beard was asking Erica, who we've taken to calling "Hammerfest" if she had something inside of her that would push her in the pursuit we had just given her. Racing at Alpenrose next season. " I don't think so..." she... Continue Reading →

The Courage to Suffer

I'd like to start by apologizing for the lack of posts this week. Things haven't been running smoothly here, starting with the death of my computer on Tuesday. I'm using The Lady's computer at the moment. It's an inelegant solution. Not because its a bad machine, its actually a thousand times better than mine was, but I have an... Continue Reading →

Six Months of Work.

Tomorrow I race for Cake. This is my first "A" race. This is the reason I've abstained from sweets for the last three months. My biggest goal for this season. I don't care that I'm not PRO. That I'm only a CAT 5. That I don't get paid for this. None of that matters. If it means... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned from failure. Part I

To evolve rather than simply repeating oneself, to truly live one must learn how and when to fail, and understand that failure is a necessary component of self-knowledge. --Mark Twight, from "Failure" on the gymjones website. I spent last Sunday and Monday sport climbing at Smith. The trip didn't go as I had intended. However... Continue Reading →

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