SKY’s Stacked Deck

I woke up at six am on Sunday morning to watch La Primavera only to find that the race had been neutralized because of snow. “Not the white fluffy stuff” Twitter told me, but the thick wet slushy stuff. The type that I used to ride in as a Cleveland bike messenger during Great Lake... Continue Reading →

Steam Rolled: A TDF Wrap Up.

Congratulations to Wiggo! He crushed the time trials, his team strangled the peloton in the mountains and he gave Cavendish two brilliant lead outs. Wiggins has gotten a lot of (somewhat deserved) shit this year from the press, but he did the proper thing by setting up the World Champ so he could do what... Continue Reading →

Gorrila Gets Another Banana

Greipel took his second stage today, capitalizing on  a strong train and disrupted peloton. Yes the crash was just outside of the three K mark (everyone still got the same time as the winner). Greipel is strong for sure. His team is strong, and they managed to hold off a banged up Cav who was... Continue Reading →

Train! I Don’t Need No Stinking Train.

These will be harder now that I can't actually watch the stage, as the finishes take place during my commute. However that's what videos and slacking off at work are for. Moving on. Cavendish took the stage today, just barely nipping his arch rival Andre Greipel at the line. Lotto Belisol was the only team... Continue Reading →


Find your niche, study and learn the skills needed to perform that task. Then practice your ass off. How its done:

Comes Down to the Line

As I talked about a few weeks back Tornado Tom is on fire! This weekend saw Boonen take not one, but two World Tour race wins. First he frustrates Oscar Feire (who claimed to not know the finish) at the line in E3. Then yesterday he takes his third Gent - Wevelgem. He's on form... Continue Reading →

Great Battles are in Our Future.

For the past week the PRO Peloton has been traversing France and Italy, North to South, and West to East. Wiggians found the top step of a road podium -- which bodes well for Tour prospects. Provided his team isn't run ragged by working for or defending both Yellow and Green. Which, in this age... Continue Reading →

Cobbles, Breakaways and Bunch Sprints.

I started this post running through what happend during the traditional start to the Euro racing season. Then I realized that my writing was stale, boring, and could be read at one of the other, more mainstream sites. Sadly, my anthropology degree did not give me the skills of a journalist. And while some of... Continue Reading →

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