Committing to a Different Course

For the entire time I've been writing I have mostly relied on emotion to carry my written thoughts. It worked, and I got pretty good a leveraging big emotions. I never thought to try another way until I ran into some serious road blocks while trying to write a piece for Bicycling.

Parts Per Rider

There were some racers on the Thursday ride this week, at least I thought them as much based on their looks, or it could have been that the two of them were talking about local teams and getting other fast guys from California. I don’t know the scene here, which is the source of ignorance … Continue reading Parts Per Rider

Fight Gone Out.

A lot of pixels have been misaligned here talking about racing, The PRO’s, my own insignificant racing - back when I first started riding again and thought that my suffering was worth reporting, and the fact that I haven’t been racing this year. This is probably going to be another one of those posts. For … Continue reading Fight Gone Out.

Let Go

Once again I am climbing Olympic View. Once, maybe twice a week I make the eye watering descent down main, throw the bike through a right hand turn and head up Olympic Drive, which then pitches up and changes name to Olympic View. I haven’t seen the Olympic Mountains, at least not from this road … Continue reading Let Go