Committing to a Different Course

For the entire time I've been writing I have mostly relied on emotion to carry my written thoughts. It worked, and I got pretty good a leveraging big emotions. I never thought to try another way until I ran into some serious road blocks while trying to write a piece for Bicycling.

Ice breaking Happiness

The idea wasn’t that lame, as far icebreakers go anyway. There were maybe ten of us, and we each had a paper square with an animal on it; I was zebra. Somewhere in the room was another square with that same animal on it. We were to find our match and partner up. I found... Continue Reading →

Want to Make God Laugh?

Two Ninas is not a good movie by most people’s standards. The film, staring Ron Livingston, Amanda Peet, and Cara Buono, played for one weekend wonder, grossing just under $11,000 when it played on six screens on the 28th of January 2001. The story follows one Marty Sachs (Ron Livingston), a man with a job... Continue Reading →

A Constant Struggle

We were riding around Mercer Island when Mark asked me if “writing cleared my head?” I answered with a quick “No” and for the next twenty minutes I proceeded to burden him with my process, and the emotional knots I’m capable of twisting myself into while writing. I don’t think it was the answer he... Continue Reading →

The Good Kind of Frustration

It took us five days, over the course of three weeks to move our possessions first from a storage space and then from Signe’s Mom’s place, which is where Signe has been living for the past year and where I’ve called home since mid-January. We signed the lease almost a year to the day that... Continue Reading →

Parts Per Rider

There were some racers on the Thursday ride this week, at least I thought them as much based on their looks, or it could have been that the two of them were talking about local teams and getting other fast guys from California. I don’t know the scene here, which is the source of ignorance... Continue Reading →

What are Bike Shops For ?

I'm in the process of looking for work, a way out of the shop where I'm at now. That could give you the impression that I dislike, or even hate my job. This isn't true. I love selling bikes. I love selling them to people who know their shit. I love selling them to people... Continue Reading →

Fight Gone Out.

A lot of pixels have been misaligned here talking about racing, The PRO’s, my own insignificant racing - back when I first started riding again and thought that my suffering was worth reporting, and the fact that I haven’t been racing this year. This is probably going to be another one of those posts. For... Continue Reading →

Without a Sound

A typical part of getting ready for a ride here in Seattle is the careful threading of my headphone cable from the right jersey pocket of whatever jersey I happen to be wearing that day. I don't have special playlists, instead I pick an album and listen to it for the entirety of the ride. Most of... Continue Reading →

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