Nothing Special.

Winter has been a recurring here theme as of late. Obviously because it is effectively winter, and the return of legit cold temps (just about freezing) in this part of country. Its strange that it is almost January and I haven't started my base miles yet. The main reason for that is I have planned only one... Continue Reading →

The Courage to Suffer

I'd like to start by apologizing for the lack of posts this week. Things haven't been running smoothly here, starting with the death of my computer on Tuesday. I'm using The Lady's computer at the moment. It's an inelegant solution. Not because its a bad machine, its actually a thousand times better than mine was, but I have an... Continue Reading →

Brutal Self Assessment

For the past month my weight has hovered around 160, sometimes a bit lower, but mostly 160. I haven't been as on top of things as I would like. I could complain about hitting a plateau, or rationalize it with "my body doesn't want me to go any lower". However that would be a cop out.... Continue Reading →

Miles to Nowhere

Sometime around 2:30 this morning I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. I tried, tried hard (not sure how one does that exactly, but I tried), but to no avail. An hour later I gave up and got out of bed.  I plopped my ass in front of the computer and was going to... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned from failure. Part I

To evolve rather than simply repeating oneself, to truly live one must learn how and when to fail, and understand that failure is a necessary component of self-knowledge. --Mark Twight, from "Failure" on the gymjones website. I spent last Sunday and Monday sport climbing at Smith. The trip didn't go as I had intended. However... Continue Reading →

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