Just Like We Did Last Week

The ride wasn’t a fun one. Someone said so much as we parked our bikes along the fire truck that lives inside the patio at Milstead. “When life is hard the rides should be easy” he said. The ride however was a hard one. Three morning hours, most of it in the rain, out north... Continue Reading →

Needed for the Cultivation of Flahute

The rain started light at first, more of a mist than a rain. Soft enough that one didn’t quite need a rain jacket yet. We all had them on though, it’s just easier that way. It was Cascade Bicycle Studio’s first Saturday ride of the year, returning after a long break during the cross season.... Continue Reading →

Alone, or Maybe Not

An email had gone from the those of us who give the Thursday ride direction, saying that they would not be there to give it direction. It was requested that the three of us, or one of the three of us give the needed direction. Ed and Barry responded saying that they couldn't make it.... Continue Reading →

Keeping it Together

There were ten of us, which is about as big a group as I would want to ride in, and we had worked well together through NE Portland calling out “car left” or “clear”, though at one intersection a silver hybrid had appeared sudden and silent, but at such a slow speed that the ten... Continue Reading →


The Thursday ride had through four rain showers by the time we reached the bakery. Today’s pace was sedate and my jacket - its waterproofness long worn-out and washed away - had soaked through and dried out three times, and  the warmth of the bakery had it working hard on its fourth time through this... Continue Reading →


I fucked up the rotation. Twice. It had been awhile since I’d ridden with a group, especially like this. Six of had us met  for the Thursday morning ride and now we’re headed South on Lake Washington BLVD toward Seward Park. At first we rode two up, but now we are single file. Sorta. I’m... Continue Reading →

Disregard the Evidence

The Thursday Morning ride was on the early pitch of Norway Hill. The guy from Recycled Cycles had shot himself out of a cannon when the climb started while four of us made up a chase. I hung in the draft of John and Derek debating whether or not I should “strike out for glory”... Continue Reading →

Group v. Pack

There are two ways to ride with a group of people. The first is in loosely organized, meandering group where some may share the work, but others just sit in and get dragged along. These rides can be massive, like the multitude of rides that exist in Portland. The second, is comprised of a group,... Continue Reading →

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