Chaos and Embeds

Monday is my rest day and this week it just so happens to coincide with the first of Giro's rest day. Which, when I break it down really only means that I have one less thing to do today. I used to roll my eyes when friends of mine would drone on about how the... Continue Reading →

Nobody Cares About the Vuelta.

Nobody cares about the Vuelta. Which is a shame, because I'm sure I would find it a very beautiful race if I wasn't so concerned with my own riding. By the end of the tour I experience PRO fatigue. Perhaps that makes me a Classics man, as opposed to a GC guy. But really I think the... Continue Reading →

The Voeckler Enigma

Thomas Voeckler -- Tommy Voeckler to Paul and Phil took his second stage of this year's tour thanks to a well timed attack. Voeckler first put his stamp on the tour in 2004 when he took, and then defended the yellow jersey for twelve days, something no one expected. He repeated that feat last year... Continue Reading →

This Present Moment

The current Lance drama is like something gruesome. I don't want to look, but I can't help. I fight the urge to quick on any link pertaining to his current legal woes, before eventually giving in and clicking the link. It takes about two paragraphs before I realize my mistake, and lack of caring before... Continue Reading →

Gorrila Gets Another Banana

Greipel took his second stage today, capitalizing on  a strong train and disrupted peloton. Yes the crash was just outside of the three K mark (everyone still got the same time as the winner). Greipel is strong for sure. His team is strong, and they managed to hold off a banged up Cav who was... Continue Reading →

There will Never be Another Merkcx

Peter Sagan crossed the line first (again), telling all his critics the running man, as he won without the aid of the Fabulous Canellara. Actually, Sagan was so dominant, without following sucking wheels, that he had time to look back, then celebrate in the final meters. Sagan is showing that he may indeed be... Continue Reading →


I watched the last half of the Prologue  coverage on NBC -- Versus -- Uniwhatever this morning. Watching TTs are boring, except for when they show someone charging toward the line with their mouths wide open and their eyes gone cross. What I really wanted to see, what I was putting off breakfast for, was... Continue Reading →

Wiggins’ Mental Fortitude

Wiggins is on fine form heading into Le Tour. Like Cadel the year before Wiggins has won the Tour de Romandie. He ruffled some feathers when he won the stage one bunch sprint. From 400 meters out! But it was yesterday where he held it together and showed that he's the man to watch in... Continue Reading →

Bruyneel’s Luck

There was some ballyhooing about yesterday's Ronde being a boring. I say NONSENSE! We just had to wait a while for it to happen. A select three man group (might be a stretch with Ballan, but...) is pretty exciting. Did I miss the Muur? You bet, but I'm not sure the race would have turned... Continue Reading →

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