First World Problems

I had resigned myself to riding alone, which is fine, but I was a little disappointed in my inability to rouse my co-workers enough to get them out for a ride. I shouldn't have been surprised. It was an unseasonably warm and more importantly - dry - day. However those factors often aren't enough to... Continue Reading →

You Can Always Go Deeper

As human (or at least I fall into this trap) that if we can just fix that one little we perceive to be wrong than every thing will be perfect. We tell ourselves that if we could only spend less, eat few sweets, watch a little less tv, but that one thing we really want, then all... Continue Reading →

Sweet Temptations

This post a day thing is already getting hard and its only the third day. Though if you look at my wordpress stats they'll tell you that I missed the 1st of year. However, I would like to note that they are on GMT time and I am more than a handful of hours behind... Continue Reading →

New round of goal setting

Well, I fell short of most of my goals this last go 'round. Several reasons, mostly having to do with lack of focus or getting distracted by other, larger goals. I've decided to change course and plan things a bit differently. Instead of doing every three months as I have in the past, I'll go... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you need a bit of a pep talk.

15-November-2009 You're all talk right now, you think about what you want to do, you talk about how that's so much better than the common man wants, but you allow yourself to be lower than the common man.  Well fucking stop!  Its time to step the fuck up, stop putting all of that shit in... Continue Reading →

Soloing and Risk. (Part 2)

I wanted to jump on this before yet another person found it and told me to read, only to end the conversation with "That could be you, you never know what can happen". The rant\ heart felt feelings below come via The Climbing Narc. You should read the post, then read Max Zolotukhin post on his accident, then I would suggest reading Jamie Emerson's post on the subject, as always with blogs, be sure to read the comments section. Knowing the content of the above posts and comments is important to understanding the content below.

Some work…

12-September-09 Warm up: 10 minutes traversing working on technique. 3' hip in 3'Straight arms 3' Silent feet Training: V3 Boulder pyramid Comments.  Got rocked on this one.  Couldn't pull V3!  I know know what I need to work on this winter. 13-September-09 7 mile easy hike with Signe.  Romona Falls 14-September-09 Circuit/Cardio Warm up: 2'... Continue Reading →

Goal Setting

Over a year and a half ago now I got really into training.   I lost about 20 pounds, was fitter than when I was in High School and climbing harder and with more confidence than I ever had.  Then last January I nearly sliced my index finger off and along with that went my drive. ... Continue Reading →

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