The Giro Tour Double

There was an interesting chat with Wiggins on today. At first read it sounds like Wiggins is defiantly going to try and and go for it (read the headline), but the when you watch the included video Wiggo is clear that Froome is the man for the tour and Sir Bradley is just hoping to squeeze... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Contador

This may seem a bit behind the times, since the Contador suspension news cycle has long since passed. Still there is something here for us to consider. Here in the states, popular opinion holds that Contador is a doping cheat, who raced on Pro Team Astana with Lance during his comeback year. The internal team... Continue Reading →

As if in a Dream

The weather was good. Warm and dry. I had the day off, which makes for some pretty simple mathematics. I decided to skip out on the weight room and ride for an extra hour instead. I got dressed. Bibs and leg warmers,  because it was warm, short sleeves with arm warmers and the soft shell... Continue Reading →

Head Down and Hold on Tight.

Last week's festivities found the Lady in Seattle with family while I stayed in Portland to put in a full day of overtime pay at my wonderful, yet low paying job. I spent Thanksgiving with some new friends. That was great, but I still found myself with plenty of time on my hands. As I... Continue Reading →

Rough Patch

The Giro is wrapping up this week, and what should be a celebration of the sport, is ending up as just another ring in a circus. It seems that the PRO ranks have hit a bit of rough spot, and while April is the supposed to be the ,cruelest month, May is turning out to... Continue Reading →

One Week in Italy.

For those of you who have been paying attention, the show known as The Giro Italia (or the tour of Italy for those who refuse to use a language other than English), got under way last week and I have been dutifully waking up every morning at seven am to watch the last 30k or... Continue Reading →

Wouter Weylandt, 1984-2011

Walter Woylant died doing something he loved today. The Belgian rider was descending from the Passo Del Bocco when he looked back and struck a wall, catapulting him from his bike. Despite the fact that I was able to post about something else today, it just doesn't feel right continue on without putting my thoughts... Continue Reading →

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