Want to Make God Laugh?

Two Ninas is not a good movie by most people’s standards. The film, staring Ron Livingston, Amanda Peet, and Cara Buono, played for one weekend wonder, grossing just under $11,000 when it played on six screens on the 28th of January 2001. The story follows one Marty Sachs (Ron Livingston), a man with a job... Continue Reading →

The Good Kind of Frustration

It took us five days, over the course of three weeks to move our possessions first from a storage space and then from Signe’s Mom’s place, which is where Signe has been living for the past year and where I’ve called home since mid-January. We signed the lease almost a year to the day that... Continue Reading →

Where to from Here.

I haven't set a major goal for myself in close to a year. Exactly the point where I laid out the plan for last road season. Then, as one would expect, a majority of those goals were centered around the early road season here in Portland. I dutifully wrote them out and posted them where... Continue Reading →

Larch Encounters

Tym and Joe headed toward Little Page Road and I kept to Old Highway 30. I didn’t know which way there were taking, but I was sure it was going to be steep. I know this because Tym is good at finding roads that tilt up. I knew what the highway had in store for... Continue Reading →

First Steps

The phone on my desk rings for the up-tenth time today. "(The name of my employer) this is Bob." For maybe the fiftieth time this week I'm trying to explain to someone why their twenty-six inch tires don't fit their supposedly twenty-six inch rim. I'm trying to be patient, a year ago I wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

One More Minute

I got a couple past due bills, I won't get specific I got a problem with spending before I get it -- Kanye This line, from West's All Falls Down, popped into my head as I crested the North side of Rocky Butte for the second time in ten minutes. I'm not sure what caused... Continue Reading →

At My Most Beautiful

True story: I once tried to kill myself. I didn't fail because someone found me with a bottle of pills in my stomach, or because I didn't bleed out fast enough. No, it failed because I changed my mind. That night I left the house as my girlfriend at the time went out to go... Continue Reading →

Starting over… again.

So much for that posting schedule I came up with.  Wish I had a good excuse for skipping it, but I don't. Lately I've been encountering a lot of that resistance I started talking about in my last post.  It's funny how giving it a name (like admitting you have a problem) helps a little... Continue Reading →

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