The Impossible Hour.

Fresh off this blog’s hiatus I bring to you Already Broken News. Which means this post is way behind the current cycling news cycle. But I like the idea so much that I still wanted to write about it. The speculation over the likes of Spartacus and Tony Martin attempting the hour record were put... Continue Reading →

The Giro Tour Double

There was an interesting chat with Wiggins on today. At first read it sounds like Wiggins is defiantly going to try and and go for it (read the headline), but the when you watch the included video Wiggo is clear that Froome is the man for the tour and Sir Bradley is just hoping to squeeze... Continue Reading →

There will Never be Another Merkcx

Peter Sagan crossed the line first (again), telling all his critics the running man, as he won without the aid of the Fabulous Canellara. Actually, Sagan was so dominant, without following sucking wheels, that he had time to look back, then celebrate in the final meters. Sagan is showing that he may indeed be... Continue Reading →

Falling Leaves.

The PRO season is almost over. In fact, it ends on Saturday with the Tour of Lombardy (Actually there is a race the day after, but really who's paying attention to the Chronos des Nations). Which is good, because I can't really get up and watch races any more. It makes me late for work.... Continue Reading →

Do We Need Heroes?

Tacked to a cork-board in the break room is a picture of Uncle Sam, with his pointy finger and imploring stare. It tells me that a certain company that makes power meters wants me to get fast. I'm convinced, but then again I want to get fast and I don't have a power meter, so of course... Continue Reading →

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