Last week the French senate released its report on doping during the 1998 tour and surprise surprise some of the cycling's biggest names were busted post careers just when it matters least. I've zoned out on my twitter timeline as each cycling news site I follow publishes their version of the story. I'm not afraid... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Scott Simon

Mr. Simon, I know you are currently on Vacation, which started on Saturday, and as I gather will be a couple weeks in duration, but I was hoping I may disturb your R & R for a moment. I listen to your voice every Saturday morning before I head off to my job at Seattle... Continue Reading →

Stage Managed Circus.

Cycling's twitter pundits (meaning pretty much anyone who comments on cycling in 140 characters) were in a tizzy this weekend when a rumor, let me say that again a RUMOR, surfaced claiming Lance was "weighting a confession." Rumor also had it that Armstrong was talking with USADA officials with the hopes that he may at some... Continue Reading →

Hero Worship

Calling Jens Voigt "beloved" would be a gross understatement. Jens is accessible, speaks English well, and is nearly always at the front of the race. But last week he kind of stepped in it when he was asked if he was going to read confessed doper Tyler Hamilton's new book The Secret Race.  His reply was: "Not in a... Continue Reading →

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?

We've all heard the news by now so this is a bit late to the game. But we will have this going on for awhile, just like all things Lance. My twitter feed blew up when the news dropped that Armstrong would no longer fight the charges brought against him by the USADA. What I... Continue Reading →

Vaughters Dope

True to form here I am a day late and a few words short, but I'd like to talk about Vaughter's NYT opinion piece in which he came clean about his worst kept secret. That is his doping past. He has hinted at this before, but it wasn't until Sunday's piece (which, thanks to the... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Contador

This may seem a bit behind the times, since the Contador suspension news cycle has long since passed. Still there is something here for us to consider. Here in the states, popular opinion holds that Contador is a doping cheat, who raced on Pro Team Astana with Lance during his comeback year. The internal team... Continue Reading →

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