Scattered Thoughts

I missed Monday’s post because I’ve been working on some freelance stuff but I wanted to drop a few quick words here. These things have rattling around in my head a bit. They might become a full blow post at some point. - Road season is truly here! -Monday I had my eyes checked. The... Continue Reading →

Becoming Native

I spent the first months of my time in Seattle riding alone. In that time I struggled to navigate numbered streets crossing numbered avenues and often chose the shortest known route to work while exploring the easier to navigate roads of Olympic Peninsula on my weekends, always with only a set of headphones and the... Continue Reading →

From the Cheap Seats.

It all begins, if you’ll pardon this terrible abuse of language, with a start… or rather starts. After four races I can tell you that I am terrible at starts. Like I just said I’ve lined up for four races and with the exception of one, where I had an a front row call up... Continue Reading →

The Best Days

I know that the high days of summer are gone, not only because the calendar has told me so, but by the heavy fog that covers the strip of bike path I ride into the city on Thursdays. Occasionally there is fog on the cooler summer days, but that fog is light and and burns... Continue Reading →

Zef Option May Be the Best Option.

Seattle is a town with a lot of tech money and plenty of it is on display at the local races. Guys and Gals riding around on Mad Fibers, and top shelf rigs with top shelf components and legs ranging anywhere from well to top shelf. I thought about this simple fact as I strolled... Continue Reading →


Excuse the brief absence, but I was working on a bit of writing that will be showing up soon. In print. Yes I am still old enough to think that something like that matters. It was a different bit of writing for me, as it included actual journalism. Calling people, asking questions, learning what follow... Continue Reading →

Its Coming

A couple of upcoming projects have me ridiculously excited for 'Cross season. Also, it will be the first time I've raced since last season.

Just for the Sake

I had considered racing for Justin, because that is what one does. Or at least that’s what movies and books tell us we should do. That the best way to honor the memory of those who have passed is to do what they would have done and do it well. Truth is, I’m not fast... Continue Reading →

Skills Skills Dolla Dolla Bills.

Cyclo-cross, as practiced terribly but your self deprecating author, is a game of skill. Skills I don't have. They are coming, albeit slowly, but there is still a long way to go. I consider myself an okay, road racer in my humble category, which is that of a three. A cat. often populated with people... Continue Reading →

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