The Best Days

I know that the high days of summer are gone, not only because the calendar has told me so, but by the heavy fog that covers the strip of bike path I ride into the city on Thursdays. Occasionally there is fog on the cooler summer days, but that fog is light and and burns … Continue reading The Best Days


Excuse the brief absence, but I was working on a bit of writing that will be showing up soon. In print. Yes I am still old enough to think that something like that matters. It was a different bit of writing for me, as it included actual journalism. Calling people, asking questions, learning what follow … Continue reading Challenge

Its Coming

A couple of upcoming projects have me ridiculously excited for 'Cross season. Also, it will be the first time I've raced since last season.


Save for my very first road race, which was in Cleveland (done with an incredible hang over), I have never raced any other than Oregon. In the OBRA bubble as it were. And with Signe living in Seattle a visit seemed like a good time for a bike race to sample the local flavor. Starcrossed … Continue reading Starcrossed