Scattered Thoughts

I missed Monday’s post because I’ve been working on some freelance stuff but I wanted to drop a few quick words here. These things have rattling around in my head a bit. They might become a full blow post at some point. - Road season is truly here! -Monday I had my eyes checked. The... Continue Reading →

Who am I and Where the Hell am I?

*After complaining a couple weeks ago, I decided to shut up about and make the effort to keep a written training record. Here's Wednesday.  Wednesday           Roller Workout: 10' warm up, 10': 45" fast cadence 15" all out cadence 12-Feb-14              2' rest, 5' easy spinning,... Continue Reading →

Wanting all the Things

Signe and I just moved up out of the suburbs and down into Seattle’s city limits. A move that shortens her car commute to … well I don’t know but it can’t be more than ten miles because Seattle isn’t all that big. For me, if I find the right route and don’t get too... Continue Reading →

The Good Kind of Frustration

It took us five days, over the course of three weeks to move our possessions first from a storage space and then from Signe’s Mom’s place, which is where Signe has been living for the past year and where I’ve called home since mid-January. We signed the lease almost a year to the day that... Continue Reading →

From the Cheap Seats.

It all begins, if you’ll pardon this terrible abuse of language, with a start… or rather starts. After four races I can tell you that I am terrible at starts. Like I just said I’ve lined up for four races and with the exception of one, where I had an a front row call up... Continue Reading →

Zef Option May Be the Best Option.

Seattle is a town with a lot of tech money and plenty of it is on display at the local races. Guys and Gals riding around on Mad Fibers, and top shelf rigs with top shelf components and legs ranging anywhere from well to top shelf. I thought about this simple fact as I strolled... Continue Reading →

Spectation and Participation

I've been watching a few of last season's cross races lately. I have a few of them saved on my tablet, but its easy to find whole races, not just the highlights, on youtube. In years past I did the same for road racing, but that stopped when I fully accepted that I wasn't going... Continue Reading →

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