The Best Days

I know that the high days of summer are gone, not only because the calendar has told me so, but by the heavy fog that covers the strip of bike path I ride into the city on Thursdays. Occasionally there is fog on the cooler summer days, but that fog is light and and burns … Continue reading The Best Days


Excuse the brief absence, but I was working on a bit of writing that will be showing up soon. In print. Yes I am still old enough to think that something like that matters. It was a different bit of writing for me, as it included actual journalism. Calling people, asking questions, learning what follow … Continue reading Challenge


I didn't plan to make it this far in to 'cross season. The original fame was supposed to rigged with 28c tires full fenders and a compact crank. Michael Barry style. The plan was to do a few of the Blind Dates and then start my base miles. Now I'm at the end of a … Continue reading Trust.

Missing Out

We are in the midst of what is typically referred to as the "Silly Season". A time of year where riders announce their transfers and speculations are laid to rest with countless stories about this rider going here, that rider moving into a leadership role at such and such team for an undisclosed amount of … Continue reading Missing Out

On Loss

I stepped out of the house where I was staying to find an empty space where my bike I had been resting, locked the night before to the trellis behind some bushes. "I must have put it in the back..." I didn't need to finish the thought. My lock, which I had fooled myself into … Continue reading On Loss