Kit Consumption.

My first cycling clothes were either bought second hand from the battered and blown out cycling section of Next Adventure, or scrounged from the "seconds" rack at Performance bike. Nothing matched, jerseys were either too large, or gut hugging tight, and the bibs (washed at least twice before being worn) were often stretched thin, and … Continue reading Kit Consumption.

On Not Suffering

Suffering was very en vogue when I first got back into cycling. Which fit me well since it was an aspect of what I’d been experiencing as I played at being someone who climbed mountains. These days however, the S word isn't bandied about as much as it once was. You hear it on a … Continue reading On Not Suffering

Written Record

I haven’t kept a written, traditional training log for a few months now. I started riding toward my 2014 goals with a green and white covered Composition Book that was the intended target for my ride notes: Time, Distance, A written description of the loop along with my general impressions of the ride. Sometimes story … Continue reading Written Record


The enigma that is Kaplemuur Independent released a video manifesto last week which laid forth what bikes should be about. In short, they are for anything that can be done with a bike. There was an impromptu #forbikes twitter shout-outs and it was great to see what made people excited about cycling. I skipped out … Continue reading #FORBIKES